Business Opportunities in Second Life

Business Opportunities


There are as many opportunities for innovation and profit in Second Life as in the Real World. Open a nightclub, sell jewelry, become a land speculator; the choice is yours to make. Thousands of residents are making part or all of their real life income from their Second Life Businesses.

By way of example, here are just a few in-world business occupations which Residents founded and currently run, and make part or all of their real life living from. Try searching for these categories via the in-world Find menu:

* party and wedding planner
* pet manufacturer
* casino operator
* tattooist
* nightclub owner
* automotive manufacturer
* fashion designer
* aerospace engineer
* custom avatar designer
* jewelry maker
* architect
* XML coder
* freelance scripter
* game developer
* fine artist
* machinima set designer
* tour guide
* dancer
* musician
* custom animation creator
* lottery operator
* theme park developer
* real estate speculator
* vacation resort owner
* advertiser
* bodyguard
* magazine
* publisher
* private detective
* writer
* gamer
* landscaper
* publicist
* special effects designer
* gunsmith
* hug maker


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