Il questionario (somministrato a 479 persone; 319 uomini e 160 donne) che viene proposto di seguito vuole essere un aiuto per comprendere quali siano i protagonisti di Second Life e cosa spinga una persona a creare un Avatar.


How long have you had your Second Life account?
13% Less than a month
22% 1-2 months
37% 3-6 months
17% 7-12 months
11% More than a year

When is the last time you logged into Second Life?
16% Today
19%Two days ago
15%Last week
13% Last month
7%Don’t know

How much time do you spend in Second Life during a typical week?
38% 1-5 hours
30% 6-10 hours
15% 11-15 hours
6% 16+ hours
11% Don’t know

Where do you typically access Second Life? (pick all answers that apply)
90% At home
27% During work
13% At an internet café

Why do you spend time in Second Life?
24% To escape real life which I am not satisfied with
15% To be someone else and create my own cool avatar
24% Because it is a creative outlet for me
11% To play and interact with other online community members
3% To enable me to fulfill the fantasies I can’t fulfill in real life
2% To buy virtual estate/property
3% To buy/evaluate products that help me in my real life
3% To get freebees
4% To make new friends at home and all over the world
2% To search for information that helps me in my real life
1% To make money
3% Other
5% Don’t know

Do you have a different level of morals in Second Life compared to real life?
47% Yes, definitely
46% About the same
7% Don’t know

Do you introduce yourself differently/have a different identity in Second Life?
64% Yes
31% No
5% Don’t know

What do you present differently about yourself? (pick all answers that apply)
23% Different gender
22% Different skin color
37% Different age – younger
19% Different age – older
24% Different nationality
45% Better looking body image and physical appearance (slimmer, taller, etc.)
11% Different political orientation
7% Other
5% Don’t know

Where do you have more friends?
60% In real life
22% In Second Life
14% About the same
4% Don’t know

Do you feel Second Life interferes with your social life in the real world?
28% Yes
68% No
4% Don’t know

Do you feel uncomfortable when you don’t have access to the Internet and you can’t log into Second Life?
39% Yes
58% No
3% Don’t know

What do you do less of now that you are active in Second Life? (pick all answers that apply)
54% I watch less television
16% I spend less time with my friends and family
16% I work less
14% I don’t work out/do sports as much
20% I don’t sleep as much
13% I don’t go shopping as much
17% I don’t read as much
6% Other
16% Don’t know

Are you more likely to purchase/use a brand in real life that is represented in Second Life?
37% Yes, definitely
41% Maybe
16% No, not at all
6% Don’t know

Do you think Second Life is a good medium to promote a brand or a new product?
56% Yes, definitely
36% Maybe
3% No, not at all
5% Don’t know

Do you use Second Life in business?
89% No
6% Yes
5% Don’t know

Do you think democracy is important in Second Life?
63% Yes
23% No
14% Don’t know

Did you ever cancel your Second Life account because it didn’t live up to the hype?
22% Yes
73% No
5%Don’t know

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